Young Professionals Conference, 2019
Attending SPCS Young Professional in Chicago was one of the best experiences of my life. I met so many like-minded people who were as ambitious as I am. Through the course of 3 days, we developed long-lasting relationship with people, which I am still connected with. 

One of the sessions that I can never forget was Nimo Patel's life journey. He started out with something so different and ended on the opposite side. He lives in India and help kids in rural areas. It was so inspiring and an eye opening session to see that the things we take for granted are not available to everyone.
Build Your Own Brand Workshop

I organized this workshop for students to learn how to sell yourself by creating a brand. We have sessions like resume building, creating digital portfolio, developing interview skills and round table interviews with industry professionals.
I took a LinkedIn session, where I taught how to look for jobs and what recruiters look for in a candidate. 
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