SPCS (Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj) Women's Rally is our effort to bring the community of supportive, impressive, inspiring women leaders to share their journey with you. At the SPCS Women's Rally, we brought together healthcare workers, finance leaders, business owners, and motivational speakers. 
Women’s Rally was designed to help women ages 21 to 60 to help broaden their horizons in different fields. We covered topics that involve women’s personal, professional, and social lives. The idea was to provide a great opportunity for SPCS women to get inspired by seeing how women are breaking barriers in their own community. 
It was a national 3-day virtual conference in March 2021.

Highlights of 3-days SPCS Women's Rally

SPCS Chapters from Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Chicago, DC, Michigan, and California joined and enjoyed this conference virtually.
The response we got was awe-striking to all the leaders. I curated & edited 15+ hours of video content.
The story behind this conference...
In 2019, I proposed an idea about hosting a 
Saurashtra Patel Cultural Samaj (SPCS) Women's Conference but
was not implemented due to funding issues.
In 2021, I proposed again with an idea to do the conference virtually 
considering the funding and social distancing issues.
We reached out to speakers, participants, sponsors, volunteers, and leaders
and did weekly meetings to make this event possible.
I designed all the collateral materials with content to send out to all the members including flyers, headers, sponsorships tiers, website, and slides. 
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