I don't know where to start. Maybe that's because I'm shy at heart. I like meeting new people, but I'm always afraid to initiate. Once I get to know you though, I won't stop talking. My hobbies include illustrating and designing works of art. One of my lesser known interest is fashion! I love trying on new clothes and makeup styles. I like to believe I'm Poo from KKKG (even though no one believes me). 
Some of my other interests involve singing, dancing, and most of all being extremely hyped for garba.. any time of the year! I don't fear much but, my biggest fear is insects! I get really freaked out by them. Even butterflies creep me out.
I working on my M.S. degree in Information Technology and Management from the University of Texas at Dallas. Last summer, I interned at McAfee as a Pre-Sales Engineer Intern. Apart from that, my major aspiration in life is to one day be able to work for the U.N. I really care for Women Empowerment, and Child Education. I really want to make a difference in these fields! I started a program "Stars on Earth" to get kids into the field of programming as early as middle school. I hope to one day grow this program so that underprivileged kids get resources that they wouldn't usually have access to.
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