It breaks my heart to see what’s going on around us. Growing up, I always imagined this perfect world, where there is no fighting, no killing, no dying. There’s just one thing and that is love. Love for each other and love for nature. As I grow as a person, my perfect world bubble keeps deflating. I want to fight for the unjust, for the change, for everyone. There are so many battles I want to win. There are some battles that we can’t control and there are some that we invent. If only we could eliminate controllable battles, we would be fighting less the half the number of the battles. In the end, we all want same thing and that is peace. There is a difference between fighting for peace and fighting with each other for peace. Our parents, grandparents, our great grandparents, they all fought so much for us so we could live a better life. Seeing the history repeat again and us having to fight the same battles our ancestors fought really gives me a heartache. I just wish that the things were different and this is a really bad nightmare and tomorrow when I wake up, my perfect world will be back again. 
This illustration depicts:
1. Bushfires in Australia which killed so many Koalas
2. Plane Crash in Iran and Karachi
3. Corona virus outbreak
4. Communal Riots in Delhi
5. Floods in Indonesia
6. Killing pregnant elephant with explosives
7. Killing innocent Black Lives
8. Arctic oil spill
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